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Bain Maries

Bain-maries are a traditional french cooking method and now a commonly used appliance in many commercial kitchens. Sometimes known as a water bath, water is heated in its basin to a pre-set temp and then automatically held. The heated water bath ideally sits below the food stored in the appropriate GN pans to keep it hot without direct heat. This means it will not burn food or significantly dry it out. Bain maries have many applications for both front and back of house. Sometimes used as a chafing dish as they are a great way of gently maintaining temperature of pre-prepared hot dishes throughout service so they are a very efficient way utilising both staff & resources.

A bain-maries may also be used to gently melt ingredients for cooking. It not only helping to prevent splitting and crusting of delicate ingredients like chocolate or custard, it makes them virtually impossible to scorch or burn.

Kitchen Setup have a selection of great value commercial use bainmaries from Cookrite (manufactured by Atosa). Available with or without a drain tap depending on your application. The drain tap is ideal for situations that require the hot water to be safely emptied soon after use but may not be near an appropriate sink, such as buffet or catering. You will also find glass top versions of various lengths to suit many service areas where hot food can be well presented for sale, such as takeaway restaurants.

For safe use of bain maries in food service, always ensure food is cooked thoroughly & heated above 75°C before use.

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