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40 L Small Non Pressurised Tilting Bratt Pan

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Frybratt | Small Tilting Bratt Pan. The multi-function FRYBRAT bratt pan is a professional device able to cook, braise and fry medium or small amounts of food in a short time. This versatile cooking system with compact dimensions, includes the possibility of countertop installation and is really easy to use, so much so that it is seen as an indispensable tool in every kind of environment.

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Thanks to the power used and the temperatures that can be reached by this equipment, Frybrat can also work as a fry-top serving, if necessary, as a valuable aid in the handling of extraordinary workloads.

A versatile piece of equipment for cooking, braising and shallow frying small and medium sized quantities of food in a very short time. Thanks to the high power input and high temperatures, this unit can even be used as griddle, a fundamental aid at peak hours. Reduced dimensions, table top utilization and simplicity in operation make this an essential and indispensable appliance for any kitchen. CONSTRUCTIVE
• The pan has a 10 mm thick
(AISI 304) quality stainless
steel base and 2 mm thick
sides. Exterior cladding is in
1,5 mm (AISI 304) quality
stainless steel.
• Pan has sandblasted
interior finish to prevent
product sticking.
• Heating by means of
armoured “Incoloy 800”
• Smooth action power tilting
• Electronic controls and LED
display to set and monitor:
– temperature.
– cooking times.
– tilting and return of
the pan.
– buzzer to indicate
termination of cooking
• Temperature adjustable
between 50° and 200°C,
is controlled by means
of a thermostatic probe
in direct contact with the
underside of the pan, to
ensure precise temperature

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 800 × 670 × 530 mm
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