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ATOSA USA – Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution

Atosa USA, Inc. recently unveiled its incredible Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution at the USA’s National Restaurant Association Show’s Kitchen Innovations Awards®. The coveted 2023 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award. allowed visitors to catch a glimpse of this cutting-edge technology which was on display in May at the McCormick Place show held in Chicago, IL.

Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution introduces what it refers to as a six-axis collaborative “co-bot” robot. This groundbreaking technology stores, cooks and monitors, shakes, dispenses, and holds hot stock which can be seamlessly adapted to both peak and non-peak hours so users don’t have to worry about over or understocking on their customer’s orders. With that said it also offers a unique manual operability which allows users to override automation and switch to manual modes when needed. The entire system is designed to effortlessly integrate with existing equipment and can even be linked to Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

The amazing setup is something that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. The full solution includes a freezer which is used as a hopper for stocking of the frozen chips, a range of multiple fryers with include their own built-in filtration, ventless hoods and a hot dumping station. For safety, it includes a rtrusted Ansul fire suppression system. The entire robotic solution is designed to occupy a minimal floor space of about three square meters, and the robotic arm boasts an impressive reach of around 1300mm.

While Atosa USA mentions their initial release focuses on the single-product dispensing fresh hot chips, they are hard a work developing the next-generation releases which indicate they are likely to introduce multiple automated robotic products to complement dispensing other common lines, and even incorporate them alongside auto-packing features.

The National Restaurant Association Show’s KI Awards in the USA were established in 2005, and are the Consumer Electronics Show equivalent for setting the standard in releasing the latest in foodservice technology and equipment. Their prestigious awards identify only the most innovative and technology-driven solutions in the industry and Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution aligns perfectly with the program’s commitment. Atosa deserves congratulations by simply being nominated for these awards, they are proving their commitment to pushing the boundaries of development and willingness to spend resources on amazing innovations in order to meet the evolving needs of the foodservice industry

Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution stands as a clear testament to this revolutionary company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the foodservice industry. As incredible as the innovation is, unfortunately, Australian customers will have to wait. Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution is planting it’s feet in US so it is not currently available in Australia, and we have not yet heard any discussion of its possible release date down under. While we and the global community eagerly anticipates its introduction, Australian markets will have to patiently await before we see this revolutionary technology start showing up in a kitchen near you… We’ll keep you updated.

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Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution

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