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Commercial Cooking Appliances


Explore gas and electric cooking appliances designed to meet the diverse needs of restaurants, catering services, and hospitality kitchens across Australia.

Discover everything from commercial ovens, fryers, grills, and hotplates to combi ovens, salamanders, bratt pans, and beyond. Whether you’re a chef, a restaurant owner, or a passionate caterer, our collection offers the perfect tools to enhance your cooking experience and meet the demands of your business at Australia’s best prices.

Kitchen Setup prioritise reliability, efficiency, innovation and value for every piece of equipment we offer. Each item will ensure durability, performance, and ease of use, allowing your kitchen to achieve the best results with confidence.

Whether you’re upgrading a single appliance, expanding your catering services, or launching a new venture, we can provide the best commercial cooking equipment at Australia’s best prices. Elevate your kitchen, unleash your creativity, and delight your customers with our unparalleled selection of gas and electric appliances tailored and upgraded to meet the demands of Australia’s vibrant hospitality landscape.

Our website has detailed descriptions custom-written by experts to give you all the information needed so you can confidently shop for your appliances from the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus, enjoy the convenience of direct shipping from depots in Melbourne | Adelaide | Sydney | Perth | Brisbane.