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Commercial salamanders (sometimes called cheese melters) are specialised kitchen appliances designed to provide high-intensity, broiler-style heat for precision cooking, browning, and finishing touches. Often mounted above cooking equipment, a quality salamander offers chefs unparalleled control over the finishing touches of the cooking process. With adjustable heat levels and precise temperature management, these appliances enable chefs to meticulously craft the ideal texture and flavor profiles of dishes. From caramelising sugars on desserts to achieving the perfect sear on steaks or just melting cheese, the precision of a salamander provides endless opportunities for amazing dishes. Adaptable to various tasks, commercial salamanders are versatile in their ability to quickly brown, gratin, melt, or finish dishes. Whether putting the finishing touches on a delicate pastry or giving a golden crust to au gratin potatoes, they’re ideal for busy kitchens striving to maintain efficiency without compromising quality. Unlike traditional ovens, a good salamander will heat up rapidly (~10 seconds) and cool off quickly when not in use, allowing chefs to transition between tasks and keep the dishes rolling. The focused heat minimises energy usage and contributes to a cooler kitchen and a more sustainable and cost-effective kitchen operation. With compact designs and the option for countertop or wall mounting, commercial salamanders are ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium, enabling restaurants to maximise their layout without sacrificing functionality.

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