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Known as one of the leaders in the production of commercial ice machines, Icematic are a brand that offer a wide range of innovative ice makers ideally suited for bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and fast food chains. Founded by Castel MAC in 1963 Icematic is a company specialising in professional refrigeration. Through years of experience and the adoption of the most innovative technical solutions in development and manufacturing, Icematic has become one of the most important world players in the hotel restaurant catering market. With a wide range of specific application ice machines there is sure to be an option to perfectly suit your needs. Bright Cubes, Hollow Cubes, Nugget Ice, Flake Ice. The Icematic storage bins range has various sizes so you can choose the ideal model to store your daily ice needs.

Kitchen Setup are proud suppliers of IceMatic – Ice Makers & Ice Storage. With shipping direct from the Australian supplier (Scots Ice) we endeavour to offer unbeatable prices on the entire range. Contact us to get our sharpest pricing upfront. 
The range of Icematic Ice Makers includes not only solid ice for drinks but for a wide range of specific applications. From super flake for fresh produce / seafood displays to hollow ice for bars & restaurants or nugget ice which is ideal nursing homes. Due to the complexity of the range and the wide choice of specific applications, we will confer with the manufacturers agent to confirm your specific requirements will be met. Call us to discuss your needs and check out the entire Icematic range here

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