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According to Moduline’s philosophy, together with innovation, ease of use and quality. Since 1989 Moduline has worked in the professional kitchen industry. Established in Vittorio Veneto Italy, Moduline has always had a vocation to provide simple tools to be used in the kitchen, but, at the same time, to ensure quality without compromises. With this goal, Moduline has designed and manufactured its products starting from the Warm Holding equipment and the Regeneration ovens, up to the latest innovative products like Combi, Pressure, Cook & Hold, Cryogen and Chill. This desire to research the best solution and to offer a unique use experience has in fact pushed Moduline to manufacture a full line. In the past 18 years, the company has engaged in manufacturing items, which could cover all the steps of the food process from preservation up to table service. The development of new solutions and new design has allowed the company to reach a complete work flow, as the highest expression of Moduline philosophy in the kitchen.

Kitchen Setup are proud suppliers of Moduline. With shipping direct from the Australian supplier (Scots Ice) we endeavour to offer unbeatable prices on the entire range. Contact us to get our sharpest pricing upfront. 
The range of Moduline includes Cook & Hold, Combi ovens, Cryogen and Chillers for a wide range of specific applications. Due to the complexity of the range and the wide choice of applications, we will confer with the manufacturers agent to confirm your specific requirements will be met. Call us to discuss your needs.

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