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Cookrite Commercial Kitchen Appliances

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Cookrite commercial appliances have emerged as a game-changer in Australia’s restaurant industry, offering innovative and efficient solutions to professional chefs, restaurateurs, and food service establishments with unbeatable value for money. These state-of-the-art kitchen tools are designed to enhance productivity, improve cooking precision, and elevate the overall dining experience. Explore some of their features, and benefits, and discover the impact Cookrite are having on the hospitality industry in Australia.

Cookite Commercial Oven Series: A Masterpiece in Baking

Unleashing a Chefs Creativity:

The Cookite Commercial Oven Series provides versatile baking options, ensuring perfect cooking results every time. Available in four, six, and eight-burner options with single or double ovens.

Enhanced Efficiency:

With advanced temperature control and multiple cooking modes, these ovens optimise energy consumption and reduce cooking time, allowing for increased productivity in professional kitchens.

Cookrite Gas Oven Category

Commercial 6 Burner Oven 2 AT80G6B-O
Commercial Restaurant Chargrill AT80G9C-F Sydney

Cookrite Commercial Grills: Savor the Flavor

Elevating Grilling Experiences:

Cookrite Commercial Grills offer superior heat distribution and temperature control, ensuring succulent, evenly cooked meats and vegetables.

Durability and Performance:

Built with high-quality materials and innovative design, these grills are capable of withstanding heavy use in demanding commercial environments.

Cookrite Gas Grills Category

Cookrite Commercial Burner / Range: Power and Precision Combined

Tailored for High-Volume Cooking:

The Cookite Commercial Burner Range is designed to handle large-scale food preparation, featuring heavy-duty burners to accommodate diverse cooking needs.

Seamless Control:

Equipped with intuitive controls and precise temperature regulation, these burners enable chefs to achieve consistent cooking results, ensuring dishes are cooked to perfection.

Cookrite Gas Burner Category

Stainless commercial Stove
Cookrite large commercial hotplate

Cookrite Commercial Griddles: Versatile Cooking Solutions

Compact and Convenient:

Cookrite Commercial Griddles are perfect for establishments with limited space. They offer a compact design without compromising on cooking performance.

Precise Heat Distribution:

These griddles feature evenly heated cooking surfaces, ensuring consistent cooking results across a range of dishes, from pancakes and burgers to vegetables and more.

Cookrite Commercial Griddles enable efficient preparation with simultaneous toasting and grilling capabilities. Chefs can easily adjust the temperature across the griddle plate ensuring perfectly toasted bread, bacon and other items to satisfy customers’ preferences.

Cookrite Gas Griddle Category

Cookrite Commercial Deep Fryers: Crispy Perfection Every Time

Efficient Frying Solutions:

Cookrite Commercial Deep Fryers are designed to provide quick and uniform frying, resulting in crispy and delicious golden-brown foods.

Uncompromised Quality:

Cookrite Commercial Fryers ensure consistent frying results, delivering crispy and golden-brown textures to a wide range of dishes.

Enhanced Safety:

With features like temperature control and flame failure systems, these deep fryers ensure safe and hassle-free frying operations, minimising the risk of accidents.

Cookrite Gas Fryer Category

Commercial Deep Fryer ATFS 50
Kitchen Chargrill BBQ AT80G9C-C Syd

Cookrite Commercial CharGrills: Unlocking Flavors

Intensify Grilling Experiences:

Cookrite Commercial Chargrills provide superior heat distribution and precise temperature control, allowing chefs to achieve the perfect sear and grill marks on various meats and vegetables.

Durability and Performance:

These charbroilers are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity even in high-demand kitchen environments.

Cookrite Gas Chargrill Category

Cookrite is synonymous with reliability, efficiency and represents amazing value for money. Built with heavy-duty stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and longevity all are equipped with powerful burners for excellent heat distribution and user control, allowing for precise cooking temperatures.

Whether you’re cooking in a restaurant, café, or catering establishment, investing in Cookrite will enhance your kitchen’s efficiency and productivity. These appliances deliver reliable performance and help any chef achieve their best results. Browse our extensive collection of Cookrite to find the perfect addition to your commercial kitchen that combines durability, functionality, and superior cooking capabilities. Kitchen Setup provide the highest-quality equipment at Australia’s best prices. Call us today to discuss any options and discounts we offer on the entire Cookrite range.

Cookrite Commercial Shop Fryer ATFS75
Cookrite large commercial hotplate
Commercial 6 Burner Oven 2 AT80G6B-O
Kitchen Chargrill BBQ AT80G9C-C Syd
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At Kitchen Setup, we take pride in providing exceptional customer support and service. Our team of knowledgeable experts is readily available to assist you throughout the purchasing process, offering guidance and technical assistance. We strive to ensure that your experience with us is seamless, from browsing our range to after-sales support. Cookrite support backed by Simco Group Australia

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