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A quality commercial oven is expected to deliver exceptional cooking performance and reliability and is the backbone of professional kitchens in Australia. The gas and electric commercial oven range available through Kitchen Setup comes from leading brands, renowned for their precision, durability, and versatility and all will prove themselves to be essential tools for chefs and restaurant owners. Designed to meet the demanding needs of hospitality establishments, our commercial ovens provide consistent and high-quality cooking results, making them an invaluable asset in any culinary operation.

Crafted with attention to detail, our selection of commercial ovens are built to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. Their robust construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability, allowing chefs to rely on their units with years of uninterrupted service. From high-volume restaurants to small cafes, our commercial ovens are sure to consistently deliver outstanding performance and reliability, even in the most demanding environments. One of the key features that set all our commercial ovens apart is their precise temperature control. Equipped with advanced heating systems and innovative technology, our selection of ovens offer precise temperature management, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber. With this high level of control, chefs can achieve precise and consistent cooking results, whether it’s baking delicate pastries, roasting meats to perfection, or broiling vegetables and desserts to a caramelized finish.

Chosen with versatility and budgets in mind we offer a wide range of oven options, with compatible cooktops and features. From high-output static ovens to convection ovens that circulate hot air for efficient and even cooking or combination ovens that combine steam and convection for enhanced moisture retention, our ovens cater to diverse cooking needs. Many can pair with gas burners, induction, infrared, target tops or an efficient electric stovetop

Safety is a top priority in commercial kitchens, and in our commercial oven range all are equipped with advanced safety features. Cool-touch handles, flame failures, and safety interlocks provide peace of mind and minimise the risk of accidents. With these safety measures in place, chefs can focus on their dishes without worry or distractions. Commercial ovens in the Kitchen Setup catalogue are designed for user convenience and ease of maintenance. They feature user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces which make operation simple and efficient. Additionally, they are built with easy-to-clean components and stainless steel surfaces, allow for hassle-free maintenance and ensure hygienic cooking environments.

Our oven catalogue includes many different cooktop options to be customised to suit your needs – Gas burners – Electric stove plates – Induction stoves – Infrared stoves – Target tops – Solid tops


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In addition to their exceptional performance and safety features, our commercial ovens come with excellent customer support and technical service backup. All our manufacturers provide comprehensive warranties and dedicated customer service to assist with any inquiries or technical support, ensuring that chefs have the necessary resources to maximise their oven’s performance.

The wide range of commercial ovens available at Kichen Setup are the cornerstone of professional kitchens and will offer unmatched cooking performance, durability, and versatility at a range of price points to meet any budget. Empower chefs to unleash their culinary creativity and achieve extraordinary cooking results. Trust in commercial ovens from Kitchen Setup to elevate your cooking experience and set new standards of excellence in your kitchen.

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