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• 15/10 worktop thickness
• Stainless steel, Scotch-Brite finish
• Sturdy and powerful with compact design
• Depth of 700 mm means it will fit the most common configurations
• Catalogue offers more than 300 standard models
• Worktop, base cabinet and oven Versions
• Twin-piece knobs prevent the infiltration of dirt and are watertight
• Gas kitchens having burners with various configurations and power ratings: 3.5 kW – 5.7 kW – 7.0 Kw
• Wide range of accessories
• 2 height adjustable stainless steel cooking grille.
• Removable drawer for fat collection.
• Heating obtained via high power stainless steel burners powered and controlled by valves for gradual power adjustment.
• Piezo ignition.
• Standard meat grille, cast iron fish/meat and fish grille available as accessories.
• Inert volcanic lava with radiant features compatible with food.

QUEEN7 – Q70GLT/G400
Width (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 700
Height (mm) 250
Gas connection (Ø) 1/2”
Gas power (Mj/hr) 38.5