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25 L Small Tilting Kettle / 0.5 bar jacket pressure.


25 L capacity small tilting kettle. 3 phase, 8kW power. 0.5 bar jacket pressure.

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Thanks to its versatility, this kettle is of invaluable support for any kitchen and are capable of handling medium sized volumes of product in rapid succession. This kettle represent an indispensable aid for small, medium and large size food service operations or for cooking particular dishes which would otherwise interrupt the normal work flow in a kitchen.

• Pan is constructed in 2mm thick (AISI 316) quality stainless steel.
• Steam generator and cladding are in 2 and 1,5mm thick (AISI 304) quality stainless steel.
• Manual balanced tilting with blocking mechanism for added safety.
• Heating by means of armoured “Incoloy 800” elements.
• Pressure in the jacket is limited to 0,5 or 3 bar (CPE25HP).
• High heating capacity for progressive cooking cycles in rapid succession.
• Automatic heating economiser.
• Electronic controls and double LED display to set and indicate:
– temperature
– cooking time
– low water warning
– end of cooking cycle.
• Jacket pressure is limited to 0,5 bar by a safety valve and controlled via a pressure switch and pressure gauge.
• Precise temperature control with less than one degree variance

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 700 × 480 × 585 mm
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