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DIHR Upright Pot Washer – LP2SPlus

$25,720.00 ex.gst

Upright pot washer. 4 washing cycles 3/6/9/12 min. 4.3 litres per cycle. Double skin construction. Non-return valve. Maximum tray height 645mm. Rack dimensions – 700 x 700mm. Stainless steel independent wash/rinse arms. Built in Rinse aid and detergent dispenser. Power 12.5kW, 3 phase.

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DIHR hood-type pass-through pot washers offer a wide range of models which give the highest performance. The new technology of the LP line will lead you in an easy and intuitive way, through the functions of your pot-washer. The soft-touch panel with the LCD board (on the models LP1S8/LP2S/LP3S/LP4S8 Plus) has multi-colour keys clearly showing the working temperatures, the washing cycles and the functions in use.

With the DIHR ware washer model LP2S Plus, up to 50% of energy costs can be saved. The TR system is a heat exchanger so the moist warm water vapour is drawn directly out of the machine when the door is closed, and used for pre-heating the cold water supply up to around 50°C. As a result, the energy required to reach the final rinse temperature (approx. 85°C) is dramatically reduced. Depending on the model you can save between 3,5kWh and 5,5kWh. DIHR TR technology improves the room‘s air quality and climate as well. The heat exchanger reduces the exhaust air temperature by more than half. The entire humidity volume is cut down by approx.-20% of the equivalent machine without a heat recovery unit. This permanently improves the operators’ comfort.

• Optional heat recovery (TR)
• Electronic with energy-saving system
• Double skin
• Self-cleaning vertical pump
• Deep-formed chair tank
• Stainless steel independent wash/rinse arms
• Double tank filter, with dirt collection system + pump filter
• Standard rinse pump
• Thermostop to grant the rinse temperature according to HACCP regulations
• Multichromatic START key
• Automatic self-cleaning cycle
• Four washing cycles
• The washing pumps activate one after the other to reduce the electric peak (LP2 S / LP3 S / LP4 S8 PLUS)
• Double skinned door that can be used as a countertop

Additional information

Weight 199 kg
Dimensions 840 × 885 × 1790 mm


Power Phase




Parts & Labour Warranty months

12 months