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Dim Sum Steamer for Jasper Multi-Function Cooker

$360.00 ex.gst

Dim Sum / Food steamer add-on for Commercial Multi-Function Cooker.

Yum Cha Steamer
Noodle Steamer Basket
Cheong Fun Steamer

Dim Sum / Food Steamer for Jasper Multi-Function Cooker

A versatile unit designed for a wide range of Asian cuisines. With innovative features and exceptional performance, this cooker is the ultimate tool for chefs seeking value and reliability in restaurant kitchens.

Equipped for a Variety of Functions: This Dim Sum Steamer add-on allows chefs to expand the menu and cater to a variety of items without needing extra appliances. The Jasper Multi-Function Cooker is equipped to handle a range of cooking tasks, making it the go-to solution for Dim Sum steaming, Cheong Fun steaming, and noodle cooking.

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Dimensions 540 × 540 mm