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Flake Ice Machine 90kg – ICEMATIC B95C-A

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The flake ice produced by the B95C-A is very versatile for a range of uses from cocktails to food presentation displays. The soft, moldable texture of flake ice maximises the cooling surface area in beverages, molds to the shape of food displays and helps maintains the freshness and appeal of perishable goods.

Self contained undercounter flaker on legs. Up to 90kg production per 24/hr of flake ice. 18kg storage bin. Stainless steel cabinet. Complete with water and drain hoses + 1 ice scoop. 10 AMP power supply. (Previous SKU: B90C-A)

Flake Ice Maker - Icematic B95C

Upgrade your ice production capabilities with the Icematic B95C-A Under Counter Self-Contained Flake Ice Machine. Designed for efficiency, performance, and convenience, this ice machine is the perfect solution for businesses in need of reliable and compact flake ice production. With an output capacity of up to 90kg per day, this machine delivers a steady supply of high-quality flake ice, meeting the demands of small to medium-sized establishments. Whether you run a bar, a seafood restaurant, or a healthcare facility, the B90C-A will provide you with a consistent and abundant ice supply. The B90C-A features a self-contained design, which eliminates the need for additional installation or connections, allowing for easy setup and integration into your existing space. Its under-counter configuration optimises space efficiency by conveniently fitting into tight places and under existing benchtops.

Built with durability and longevity in mind, all Icematic units boast a sturdy construction that will withstand daily use for many years. The stainless steel exterior ensures resilience against corrosion and wear, while also providing a sleek and modern appearance that complements any hospitality environment. Thanks to its user-friendly control panel, the intuitive interface allows you to adjust the ice production settings and monitor the machine's performance. With just a few simple steps, you can have a consistent supply of high-quality flake ice tailored to your specific needs. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is essential in any food service establishment. The B90C-A is designed with ease of cleaning in mind. The smooth, seamless surfaces and removable parts simply require a quick wipe down for maintaining food safety standards. Experience peace of mind with Icematic, backed by reliable performance and efficient operation. This under-counter flake ice machine is here to meet customer demands and provide the best experience, and you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and versatile ice solution for your business.

Flake ice is generated through a vertical cylinder, with an internal auger that scrapes the ice from the surface of the evaporator. This produces perfect, uniform flake ice with residual water content. Flake ice is extremely versatile and has a lot of uses, from the conservation and display of fresh seafood to amazing cocktail or juice bar creations. Flake ice is also commonly used in catering to chill the mix in the production of items such as sausages and bread.

Flake ice maker -Self contained under counter  B95C-A. Ice production to 90kg production per 24/hr (flake). 18kg storage bin. Stainless steel cabinet. Complete with water and drain hoses + 1 ice scoop. 10 AMP power supply. (Previous SKU: B90C-A)

Flake Ice Machine B95C Specs

Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 500 × 597 × 694 mm
Power Phase




Warranty Parts (months)



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Icematic - leaders in the production of the best commercial ice makers around the world. Icematic manufacture a wide range of ice machines designed for small cafes, bars, pubs to high production units for large restaurants, hotels, fast food chains and industry, health, or hospital use. From the preservation and display of fresh seafood using flaked ice in shops and supermarkets to the creation of the perfect cocktail using nugget or half-dice cubes in the most sophisticated bar, Icematic will have the ideal choice of application and capacity to meet any catering need.

Ice Storage Bins - Icematic ice makers can be paired with a wide range of ice storage and cart systems to safely and efficiently hold stock and transport with ease. The Icematic bins are designed to match every users need. Constructed using the highest quality materials and the latest technology Icematic commercial ice storage bins are the ideal solution for preserving a significant amount of ice and holding it long term. Stainless steel and deep-formed food-grade plastic are processed with antibacterial treatment and can be combined with an Ozone sanitization system to ensure ice bins remain food-safe and easy to clean. Robust and elegant suitable for front and back of house locations, Icematic commercial ice bins are manufactured using fully insulated steel with a shock-resistant access hatch and come with an incorporated shovel.

Ice cart transport bins have a stainless steel exterior and food-quality polyethylene interior. Equipped with a trolley and Teflon paddle, they dose the needed ice directly from the outlet drawer.

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