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ICEMATIC – Floor Model Ice Dispenser 29kg day – DX35-A

$8,100.00 ex.gst

FLOOR MODEL Electric control, touch free ice dispensing system. Up to 29kg production per 24/hr of gourmet cube. 12kg capacity storage bin. Stainless steel cabinet. Cubes drop directly into the consumers glass, with no manipulation. 10 AMP power supply.

The ICEMATIC DX35-A Ice Dispenser is a reliable and efficient solution for dispensing ice in high-demand environments. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this floor model ice dispenser offers a daily ice production capacity of 29kg, ensuring a steady supply of ice for busy self-serve areas, and healthcare facilities. Built to deliver exceptional performance and ease of use. It dispenses clear, solid ice cubes that are ideal for a variety of applications, the ice cubes are uniform in size and shape, providing consistent quality and excellent cooling properties.

Constructed with durability in mind, this ice dispenser features a sturdy stainless steel body that is resistant to corrosion and built to withstand heavy use. The floor model design provides stability and allows for easy access to the ice bin and dispenser area, making it effortless for users to retrieve ice as needed. Operating the ICEMATIC DX35-A is simple and efficient. The intuitive control panel allows for easy selection and adjustment of ice dispensing options. The built-in LED display provides clear information on the ice production status and allows users to monitor and manage the ice dispensing process with ease. With its large ice storage capacity, it can hold up to 8kg of ice, ensuring a constant supply of ice during peak periods. The advanced cooling system ensures efficient ice production, while the high-quality compressor delivers energy-saving operation.

Maintaining the ICEMATIC DX35-A is hassle-free. The ice dispenser is equipped with a self-cleaning function and stainless steel finish ensures optimal hygiene and cleanliness. The removable components and smooth surfaces make it easy to access and clean every part of the dispenser, promoting excellent sanitation practices. Upgrade your venues ice dispensing capabilities with the DX35-A  self serve ice dispenser. Trust in Icematic for reliability, durability, and efficiency. Experience the convenience of a powerful ice dispenser that delivers consistent results day after day.

Dimensions - mm 380 x 515 x 1696
Production - kg/24h 29 (A) - 30 (W)
Bin capacity - kg 12,6
Standard voltage - 220-240 V / 1 N / 50 Hz

Among the broad range of icemakers, Icematic proposes two different Ice Dispenser models a floor-mounted one, the DX35 with a full gourmet type ice cube and a table-top model, the TD130 with nugget type ice. These dispensers are suitable for fast preparations and are the perfect solution for canteens, self-service dining and hotels.

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Weight 51 kg
Dimensions 380 × 515 × 1720 mm


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