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Welcome to Kitchen Setup – Your #1 Kitchen Supply Shop for the Best Commercial Cooking Equipment and Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

At Kitchen Setup, we recognise the pivotal role a well-equipped kitchen plays in the success of any hospitality endeavor. Whether you’re launching a new restaurant, upgrading an existing kitchen, or seeking a new piece to extend your offerings and your menu, we are your ultimate destination. As specialists in commercial cooking equipment and refrigeration solutions, we take pride in suppling a comprehensive range of the best value and best quality products along with exceptional service tailored to meet the unique needs of our Australian customers.

Reliable, quality equipment is the cornerstone of a succesful kitchen, and at Kitchen Setup, we prioritise value in every product we offer. We source our items from reputable manufacturers renowned for their commitment to producing the best equipment in thier class and have something for every budget. From cutting-edge technology to tried and proven appliances, our selection embodies our dedication to providing customers with tools that deliver performance.

Expansive Product Selection

Check out our online store for our extensive product range, curated to cater for almost every facet of Australias vibrent hospitality industry. Our specialised product categories include:

  1. Commercial Cooking Equipment: Elevate your restaurant kitchens capabilities with the latest cooking appliances, including fryers, combi ovens, grills, stove burners, griddles Asian style appliances and more. We provide a options at various price-points to suit different kitchen sizes and culinary styles.
  2. Commercial Refrigeration Solutions: Keep your ingredients fresh and your kitchen organised with our selection of high-performance refrigerators, freezers, prep benches, under-bench refrigeration, and salad bars. We only offer select brands to get Australia’s best prices, all are designed to meet the demanding standards and meet the expectations of professional chefs in professional kitchens.

Customer-Centric Service and Expert Guidance

At Kitchen setup, we go beyond the role of a typical sales. With a background in Interior design our knowledgeable and approachable staff are ready to assist you at every stage. Whether you seek advice on the right equipment for your needs or assistance in optimising your kitchen layout, we are committed to delivering personalised guidance with pressure to buy.

What we provide:

  1. Competitive Pricing: Recognising the challenges businesses face, we strive to offer the most competitive prices in the industry without compromising on the quality of our products.
  2. Efficient Shipping Services: Receive your orders promptly with our swift and reliable shipping services. We work with a range of national freighters and local agents to ensure your kitchen is equipped with the supplies it needs as fast as possible. Many of our most popular products are stocked on depots around Australia – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth.
  3. Dedicated Customer Support: Have inquiries or require assistance during our bussiness hours or yours, we are on call after hours and weekends? Our team is just a phone call or email away, and understand and are happy address your concerns and offer expert advice when you need it.

Your Success is Our Priority

At Kitchen Setup, we don’t just provide commercial cooking equipment and refrigeration solutions – we contribute to your success. Whether you’re a chef, restaurant owner, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals by offering the tools and expertise necessary. Explore our online shop today and discover the quality and commitment we can make in your kitchen.

At Kitchen Setup we are proud to have the ability to give our customers not just the cheapest prices, as interior designers we’re not just sales. We provide an honest professional service on every commercial fridge or kitchen appliance we supply. We understand the problems and ongoing costs that can occur when you’re unwittingly sold poor quality commercial refrigeration or catering equipment. We only supply equipment from the select brands we are proud to have in our range. They all represent great quality and value for money and have outstanding warranties. This not only gives you the best commercial appliances but we get the best margins from our trusted manufacturers so can pass bigger savings on to our clients. Our range of commercial appliances from global leaders is specifically chosen to be best in its class and will meet a range of price-points from the most affordable budget-conscience to the most premium commercial appliances, either way you’ll get a truly professional kitchen setup you can rely on. Get the cheapest prices in Australia on all our commercial equipment without hassle, just ask us for a price.

Unadvertised Discounts On Every Commercial Fridge & Cooking Appliance

We can only advertise sale prices on select commercial catering appliances each month, but ask us for a quote on anything on our website and we’ll get you the best discount available upfront. You’ll have less hassles trying to find other lower prices and you’ll still save more. It’s our job to make sure our customers setup costs come first and ensure they get the best value commercial refrigeration & catering equipment for their restaurant, cafe, supermarket, pub or nightclub at the lowest price.

Keep reading, we just keep getting better.

If on the odd occasion we don’t supply the specific catering equipment you require, with professional interior designers in our team we can source the commercial appliance needed from other manufacturers or suppliers often for less than you could dealing alone. To save you even more we can affordably design and supply everything needed for your front-of-house setup. Basic floor plans or photo realistic 3D renders for accurate construction. Commercial use hospitality tables, chairs, flooring, lighting or ventilation. We have trusted manufacturers and suppliers in a wide range of interior design hospitality industries that we can supply or recommend at no extra cost. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options and endeavour to make your day!