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16 x 1/1GN or 8 x 2/1GN Mobile Heated Cabinet

$6,970.00 ex.gst

Mobile heated cabinet. 8 x 2/1 GN or 16 x 1/1 GN capacity. 70 mm spacing between runners. Electronic control panel with digital temperature display. Vented stainless steel cabinet. Complete with internal runners. Temperature from +30°C to +120°C – Single phase, 1.5kW, 10 AMPS.

Hot Food Cabinet on Trolley - Moduline - HHT 082E

Quality food holding cabinets buy Moduline ensure the highest quality and reliability when it counts. Very low power and perfect temperature control ensure minimum consumption of electricity which makes them ideal for any catering kitchen. Moduline static hot holding equipment are characterised by their low energy consumption, maximum efficiency and quality of food presented. The advanced technology works to ensure an even and stable temperature from +30°C to +120°C, Safeguarding flavour and fragrance they are calibrated to be gentle on the food, holding the humidity contained without drying.

  • Tightness chamber with radiused corners
  • All around rubber bumpers
  • Total thermic insulation with rock or glass wool
  • Long-lasting front and door seals made up of food-grade of high heat resistance
  • Removable side racks for easy cleaning
  • Static heating provided by low consumption wire heating element that coils up all the chamber
  • Ergonomic and fully built-in door handle with magnetic closure
  • Mounted on 125 mm castors, two with brake
  • Ergonomic handle for pushing and guiding
  • Easy access to maintenance and repair
  • Electronic control of the temperature
  • Operating temperature 30°-120°C
  • Two adjustable humidity vents on the door
  • Chamber with safety thermostat
  • Removable GN 2/1 and GN 1/1 tray racks

Overall dimensions (W x D x H) - mm 755 x 855 x 1010
Trays capacity 8 x GN 2/1 or 16 x GN 1/1

Tray max. height GN 2/1 [mm] 8 x 65 (h) 3 x 150 (h) 2 x 200 (h) + 2 x 65 (h)

Tray max. height GN 1/1 [mm] 16 x 65 (h) 6 x 150 (h) 4 x 200 (h) + 4 x 65 (h)

Additional information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 755 × 855 × 1010 mm




Power (kW)



240V/1N 50 Hz

Warranty (parts & labour)