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90 L Tilting Bratt Pan + Mixer / 3 phase


Cucimax | Tilting Braising Pan 90 L capacity tilting bratt pan with mixer. ETC Touch screen control panel. 3 phase, 13.5kW power.

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This multifunctional innovative cooker is ideal for countless applications. Cucimax is one of the most versatile and evolved since it allows different types of preset cooking: steaming, boiling, pressure cooking, braising and browning. A fundamental piece of equipment for the most efficient production centres. It is highly flexible in use ensuring the optimization of production processes and of human resources making it both energy efficient and cost-saving. A unique new range of products has been created in order to offer further advantages: Cucimax for pressure cooking. Now you can pressure cook and mix at the same time: this new system combines autoclave cooking benefits with those of a presettable automatic mixing function. From sauces to jams, from meat dishes to steamed vegetables, and much more!

Cooking vessel in stainless steel AISI 304 (bottom thickness 12 mm).
Vessel with electric tilting on front part.
Insulated lid with double cover in stainless steel AISI 304 balanced by means of gas springs.
Self-supporting frame in stainless steel AISI 304.
Outer cover in stainless steel AISI 304 fine satin finish.
Adjustable feet in stainless steel AISI 304, even of different heights, with removable cover for cleaning operations.
Friendly Service: quick accessibility to the main components.
Temperature regulation from 20° to 220° C by means of a sensor located into the bottom just under the cooking surface or by a second probe in the vat (optional) to ensure a precise survey and quick reaction of the heating.

Automatic mixing device to program, with three arms and teflon and harmonic steel scrapers, entirely removable to make cleaning easier. Rotation in both directions, with speed regulation and time adjustment
(including pausa time) directly from the control panel.
Optional extra scraper to clean the wall of the vessel or to fix to the arms to move the product more.

Heating by means of stainless high efficiency steel tube burners.
Automatic ignition and flame control system without pilot burner.
Heating controlled by the electronic cars with automatic activation of the minimum power 2°C before the SET POINT.

Heating by means of armoured elements in INCOLOY 800 alloy controlled by electronic card.

Double-wall Lid reinforced and springs loaded counterbalanced type with manual safety locking system controlled by two systems (lever and pressure).
Alimentary silicone gummy gasket.
Safety valve set at 0,5 bar.

Firex ETC Easy Touch Control control panel features:
• 7” touchscreen.
• Creation and editing of cooking programs, each of which is multi-phase.
• Cooking in “Manual” mode.
• Multilingual message setting.
• Easy to understand and use.
• Guaranteed setting of cooking times and extremely accurate temperatures from 20°C to 220°C.
• Controls at the most 3 different temperature probes: in the bottom, in the cooking vessel in direct contact with the food product for more accurate or specialist cooking, even in the wall in case of optional of “wall-heating”.
• Allows you to select the number of litres of water to load, cold or hot up to 90°, and then loads it automatically.
• Allows you to start the cooking on a specific date and time.
• Displays simple messages and icons for proper and safe use.
• Clearly explains if there is an alarm and to which internal component it relates.
• USB connection.
• Settings for different units of measurement.
• Self Diagnostics
• Command for rollover and return of the cooking vessel.
• Setting of mixing programme with clockwise and anticlockwise rotation speed and pause time adjustment.
• 3-zone wall-heating setting.

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Weight 420 kg
Dimensions 1445 × 1290 × 1030 mm
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