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Salad Bar Fridges & Saladettes

Atosa saladettes & commercial sandwich bar Fridges provide convenient countertop refrigeration which is ideal for efficient production of pizza and sandwich prep and a wide range of commercial kitchen applications. Save space and reduce waste, simply install desired size GN pans to fit your requirements. Glass canopy or sliding, flip-top lids. Refrigerated salad bars, commercial benchtop salad bar. Available in a variety of lengths and depths to suit your prep kitchen or service needs.

Refrigerated salad bars and commercial benchtop salad bar.

MPF8201 – MPF8202 – ESL3832 – ESL3853 – ESL3800 – ESL3840 – MSF8302G – MSF8303 – MSF8304G – MSF8301 MSF8302 – MSF8304