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Cookrite Commercial Deep Fryers

CookRite deep fryers are the perfect balance between great quality and great value for money. Trusted by chefs and restauranteurs worldwide, CookRite fryers have become renowned for providing exceptional performance, reliability, and durability. Designed with quality components specifically chosen to meet the rigorous, high demands expected of commercial kitchens in the Australian market they will deliver consistent and delicious fried food every time.

Built to withstand the high-volume demands of busy restaurants and food establishments, Cookrite fryers have a sturdy construction and use high-quality materials which ensures long-lasting durability so restaurant owners can expect their fryer to deliver years of uninterrupted service. From fast-food chains to fine dining establishments or even food trucks, these fryers are proven to consistently deliver outstanding performance.

Using their advanced heating system to ensure rapid and efficient heating and quick recovery. CookRite deep fryers are equipped with powerful burners for even and efficient heat distribution. They will reach the desired cooking temperature quickly and evenly, resulting in crispy, perfectly fried foods your chef and customers will appreciate. Achieve consistent and exceptional results with every batch of fries, chicken wings or seafood… or every single one of those Sth Melbourne Market Dim-sims everyone seems to love.

Available with various fryer capacities and burner counts to suit different kitchen needs. From countertop models for smaller establishments or food trucks to floor-standing units for high-volume frying, CookRite likely has a model to suit your needs.

Designed for user convenience and ease of maintenance. They all feature simple and efficient operation and are built with easy-to-clean components and surfaces for hassle-free maintenance, cleaning and quick turnaround. Safety is a top priority for CookRite, equipped with overheat protection, flame failure, and reliable temperature controls. Chefs can ensure a secure cooking environment and have peace of mind knowing that their fryer operates with precision and safety.

Commercial Deep Fryer ATFS 50

3 Burner - 26L

Double Basket – 26L

Commercial Deep Fryer ATFS 50

4 Burner - 26L

Double Basket – 26L

Cookrite Commercial Shop Fryer ATFS75

5 Burner - 34L

Double / Triple Basket – 34L

Benchtop gas fryer

1 Burner - 10L

Single Basket – 8-10L

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In addition to their exceptional performance and safety features, CookRite are supported by Simco Group in Australia to offer excellent customer support and service. The Simco team of technicians is dedicated to providing assistance and technical support so chefs can have confidence they have the necessary resources to back-up their fryer’s performance.

CookRite fryers are the ultimate choice for professional chefs and food establishments seeking superior frying capabilities. With advanced heating system, versatile configurations, safety features, and user-friendly design, CookRite empowers chefs to deliver consistently delicious fried foods without breaking the bank. Trust in CookRite to elevate your dishes and experience the new standard of excellence and value it can bring to any hospitality kitchen.

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