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Discover the best commercial prep fridges at Kitchen Setup, the leading online retailer for top-quality restaurant equipment. Our extensive range of prep fridges is designed to streamline your kitchen operations and keep your ingredients fresh and accessible. With cutting-edge features, our commercial prep fridges offer exceptional cooling performance and efficient storage solutions.

Reliable and durable equipment is the backbone of the food service industry. That’s why we partner with trusted brands known for their commitment to excellence. Explore our selection of prep fridges specifically for Pizzarias, cafe’s sandwich shops or back-of-house restaurant use. Our commercial prep fridges are intelligently designed to optimise workflow and enhance efficiency. With marble or stainless steel work benches, spacious interior layouts, adjustable shelves, and purpose built refrigerated GN compartments, you can organise ingredients effortlessly and keep them at the ideal temperature for maximum freshness. Our fridges are equipped with advanced digital temperature control systems ensure precise and consistent cooling throughout.

With Kitchen Setup, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of easy online shopping. We offer competitive pricing with unadvertised discounts and fast delivery, ensuring that you receive your commercial prep fridge promptly and at Australia’s best price. Whether you own a small cafe, a bustling pizza restaurant, or a thriving catering business, Kitchen Setup has the perfect commercial prep fridge to meet your needs and budget. Our expert team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or assistance required. Upgrade your kitchen setup with a high-performance commercial prep fridge from Kitchen Setup. Experience unmatched quality, functionality, and efficiency for your menus preparation needs. Shop with us today and streamline your culinary operations to new heights.

Whether you run a pizzeria, deli, or sandwich shop. there are many benefits of using these specialised refrigeration units:

Efficient Organisation: Many of our pizza and sandwich prep fridges feature dedicated GN compartments, and shelves designed specifically for storing ingredients used in these popular food items. This organisation allows for easy access to toppings, condiments, and other components, streamlining the preparation process and reducing prep time. We also supply standalone salad bars that can be placed on top of existing bench tops.

Enhanced Food Safety: These fridges are equipped with temperature control systems, ensuring that perishable ingredients stay at safe temperatures to prevent spoilage and bacterial growth, crucial for maintaining food safety standards and minimising the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Customisable Layouts: Our pizza and sandwich prep fridges offer shelves and many have adjustable GN compartments to allow for flexible storage configurations. This adaptability enables businesses to accommodate different ingredient sizes and quantities, optimising the use of space and reducing waste.

Time and Labor Savings: With a dedicated prep fridge, ingredients are conveniently within reach, minimising the need for staff to move around the kitchen to gather supplies. This efficiency saves time during busy rush hours and reduces labor costs by streamlining the food preparation processes.

Freshness and Quality: Prep fridges are designed to maintain the freshness and quality of ingredients. By keeping toppings, meats, cheeses, and vegetables at the optimal temperature and humidity, these fridges help preserve the taste, texture, and appearance of the ingredients, ensuring that customers receive delicious and visually appealing food throughout service.

Investing in a quality pizza or sandwich prep fridge can significantly improve the efficiency, food safety, and overall quality of your food service operations. Whether you’re running a small sandwich shop or a bustling pizzeria, these refrigeration units are essential tools for creating consistent and appetising pizzas, sandwiches or any other process menu items.

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For Sale – Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide | Perth | Regional Australia

Kitchen Setup is your trusted partner for high-quality commercial fridges in Australia. With our commitment to excellence and extensive selection, you can elevate your kitchen’s refrigeration capabilities with our top-of-the-line commercial fridges to meet any pricepoint and budget. Experience the difference in food storage and preservation with reliable and innovative solutions, We ensure you’ll create a functional, efficient, and successful kitchen setup.

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