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Atosa Prep Fridges

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In any commercial kitchen, precision, efficiency, and hygiene are equally important, and not having the right equipment that meets these expectaions will simply eat into your profits all day every day. Atosa is a brand that is at the forefront of innovation in the industry constantly improving it’s product line up to become Australia’s best value manufacturer for reliable efficient restaurant kitchen appliances. Their great seleection of refrigerator prep benches exemplifies their commitment as all are designed to be integral components that streamline food preparation, enhance organisation, and contribute to the overall efficiency of professional restaurant and cafe kitchens.

Design: Atosa prep benches are designed to meet the demands of any restaurant kitchen in front or back of house locations. Their ergonomic design and thoughtful layout provides chefs and kitchen staff with an efficient workspace that facilitates smooth workflow during the preparation of both ingredients and customers’ orders. With options that include inbuilt saladbar compartments and spacious work surfaces, these preparation benches allow chefs to organise their ingredients, reducing prep time and minimising disruptions in the kitchen during busy service times.

Construction: Durability is a non-negotiable attribute in the realm of commercial kitchen equipment, and Atosa prep benches deliver. Crafted from high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel, Solid marble benchtops, these benches are built to withstand heavy use in a busy restaurant kitchen. In Australia their components are upgraded to handle our climate using high-end compressors from manufacturers such as Embraco. Along with European digital control units they ensure longevity and make Atosa prep fridges a sound investment for any Australian business looking for the best value equipment that will stand the test of time.

Configuration: Understanding that every kitchen has unique needs, Atosa offers a range of prep fridge configurations to suit different spaces and preparation requirements. Whether you need a place for making Pizza, Sandwiches salads or even sushi, Atosa prep fridges come in various bench sizes and salad-bar layouts to accommodate diverse kitchen setups. This versatility allows chefs to optimise the kitchen according to the specific demands of their menu and kitchen layout.

Integration: All Atosa prep benches come equipped with efficient refrigeration units. These prep refrigerator benches provide a dedicated space under the worktop to keep perishable ingredients at the ideal temperature, ensuring freshness and complying with food safety standards. To complement the integration of refrigeration into the prep bench design many also come equipped with inbuilt salad bars which further enhances efficiency by minimising the need for chefs to move back and forth between workstations or continually opening fridge doors to retrieve ingredients.

Precision: Maintaining precise temperatures is crucial in preserving the quality and safety of ingredients. Atosa’s prep benches feature advanced temperature control systems from world leading European manufacturers such as Dixell or Carel. They allow chefs to confidently set the optimal environment for various types of food items. This precision is particularly important in commercial kitchens where adherence to food safety regulations is a top priority.

Hygiene: Atosa prep benches are designed with easy cleaning and sanitation in mind. Smooth surfaces with rounded edges and corners, removable components, stainless steel and real marble benchtop construction make these benches not only durable but also easy to maintain. This hygienic design ensures that the risk of cross-contamination is minimised, and encourgages staff to keep things clean to promote a safe and sanitary kitchen environment.

Sustainability: In an era where sustainability is a key consideration, Atosa prep benches prioritise energy efficiency. Incorporating the best compressors and coil technologies from trusted manufacturers such as Embraco they reduce energy consumption without compromising performance. It allows you align with a commitment to environmental responsibility without even trying.

No matter the use or your requirements Atosa prep fridges have an option to provide the best and most innovative solution for any commercial kitchen. From their efficient design and durable construction to integrated salad-bar refrigeration, these prep benches are engineered for overall kitchen performance. Whether in a small cafe, bustling restaurant, large-scale catering business, or even a hospitality training institution, Atosa prep benches will prove to be valuable assets, As businesses in Australia expect equipment that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, Atosa prep benches have been upgraded for our market to ensure they are a reliable choice and is so confident in their reliability in Australia they offer 4 years warranty on all parts in their entire range.

Check out our great selection of Atosa online or contact Kitchen Setup directly to discuss your needs. We’re confident we can help find you the perfect commercial prep fridge to suit your requirements at Australia’s best price.

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Wide range of Atosa Cake showcase fridges through Kitchen Setup

Upright Cake display

Benchtop Cake display refrigeration

Cake Show case

Cold food display fridge

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Salad Prep Refrigeration

Glass Covered Salad-bar Prep Fridges


In the world of hospitality and commercial kitchens, efficiency, presentation, and freshness are paramount. Glass-covered salad bar prep fridges are versatile pieces of equipment that can meet these demands, offering benefits that enhance the workflow of chefs and showcase ingredients to diners. From displaying salad ingredients to deli meats, these refrigeration units prove useful for preserving items and have various uses in hospitality settings.

In Australia our food safety standards are some of the most demanding and comprehensive in the world and are constantly evolving and updating. Glass-covered prep fridges have not escaped without impact. Previously manufacturers may have supplied options with a fully enclosed glass canopy over the salad bar on all sides which essentially made the canopy part of the fridge. The problem with this is that regulators didn’t like it and required the area above the pans whether they included shelving or not to hold the same temps as the underbench refrigeration unit. Manufacturers were unable to get certification for fully enclosed glass units to be used in commercial settings and as re-designing and recertification is an expensive thing to do many dropped this line of products completely from the Australian market.

Atosa, FED and Williams are some manufacturers that have glass canopy salad prep fridges on offer. They rely on the salad bar pans themself to be covered in order to hold the safe temp. They all have options that accommodate individual lids on each pan and Atosa has a few options that use clear full-length sliding covers that still showcase ingredients and make the selection for both staff and customers a little easier. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a fully enclosed glass canopy unit in Australia we’re afraid you’re out of luck, and if you find an old one that doesn’t have the individual pans covered when not in use, expect the next visit from the food safety inspectors to be a little disapointing.

Serving Freshness with Visual Appeal: The transparent glass cover on salad-bar prep fridges serve a dual purpose, providing a visually appealing display while preventing unwanted hands from touching or sneezing. They entice customers and allow them to make informed choices about the ingedients they wish to enjoy. The look of fresh ingredients and the aesthetic appeal of a well-arranged salad bar can elevate the overall experience, creating a visually enticing focal point in the cafe, deli, salad or sandwich bar.

Optimal Organisation and Accessibility: Glass-covered prep fridges are designed with functionality in mind, offering an organined space for storing a diverse array of fresh ingredients. The clear glass allows customers to easily identify items you offer and encourage them to make a wider selection . This visability can contribute to a smoother kitchen operation for staff and improved efficiency during peak hours.

Customisable Presentation: One of the features of a glass-covered salad-bar prep fridge is the opportunity for customisable presentation. Staff can artfully arrange salads, toppings, and condiments, creating an enticing and vibrant display that showcases the freshness and variety of the available options. This not only appeals to visual aesthetics but also enables restaurants to adapt to changing trends and seasonal offerings.

Temperature Control for Freshness: Maintaining optimal temperatures is critical for preserving the freshness and quality of ingredients. Glass-covered prep fridges are temperature controled to ensure that perishable items such as leafy greens, vegetables, meats and dressings remain at the ideal temperature. This is crucial for meeting food safety standards and delivering consistently high-quality dishes to customers.

Space Optimisation in Limited Environments: For establishments with limited kitchen space, the compact design of glass-covered salad-bar prep fridges proves to be a valuable asset. These units are designed to maximise storage capacity without compromising on functionality. The vertical layout and efficient use of space make them an excellent choice for small kitchens where every square inch counts.

Streamlining Self-Service Stations: Glass-covered prep fridges are often employed in self-service stations, allowing customers to create their salads or customise their meals. This not only promotes customer engagement but also reduces the workload on kitchen staff during busy hours. The transparent covers ensure that the ingredients remain fresh and visually appealing, even in a self-service setting.

Enhancing Menu Flexibility: The adaptability of glass-covered salad-bar prep fridges makes them an ideal choice for establishments with diverse menus. Whether serving salads, wraps, sandwiches or pizza, these fridges provide a versatile platform for preparing a wide range of dishes. Their flexibility enables chefs to respond to customer preferences and dietary trends, ensuring that the menu remains dynamic and appealing.

In the dynamic landscape of commercial kitchens, glass-covered salad-bar prep fridges can be a valuable piece of equipment for chefs and restaurateurs in both front and back-of-house locations. From enhancing the visual appeal of dishes to preserving freshness or just optimising kitchen workflow, these refrigeration units contribute significantly to the profiency of a kitchen. Salad-bar prep fridges can be a versatile solution to meet the needs of many modern food establishments.

Atosa Saladbar Fridge glass top MSF8302G
Marble top prep table fridge with 3 doors ESL3864
Atosa Salad bar fridge ESL3889
Atosa MSF830 salad bar prep fridge glass canopy
Atosa Prep firdge saladbar MSF8304G

Australia’s Best Online Commercial Kitchen Supply Shop

Professional Catering Equipment For Sale Online

Welcome to Kitchen Setup – Your #1 Kitchen Supply Shop for the Best Commercial Cooking Equipment and Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

At Kitchen Setup, we recognise the pivotal role a well-equipped kitchen plays in the success of any hospitality endeavor. Whether you’re launching a new restaurant, upgrading an existing kitchen, or seeking a new piece to extend your offerings and your menu, we are your ultimate destination. As specialists in commercial cooking equipment and refrigeration solutions, we take pride in suppling a comprehensive range of the best value and best quality products along with exceptional service tailored to meet the unique needs of our Australian customers.

Reliable, quality equipment is the cornerstone of a succesful kitchen, and at Kitchen Setup, we prioritise value in every product we offer. We source our items from reputable manufacturers renowned for their commitment to producing the best equipment in thier class and have something for every budget. From cutting-edge technology to tried and proven appliances, our selection embodies our dedication to providing customers with tools that deliver performance.

Expansive Product Selection

Check out our online store for our extensive product range, curated to cater for almost every facet of Australias vibrent hospitality industry. Our specialised product categories include:

  1. Commercial Cooking Equipment: Elevate your restaurant kitchens capabilities with the latest cooking appliances, including fryers, combi ovens, grills, stove burners, griddles Asian style appliances and more. We provide a options at various price-points to suit different kitchen sizes and culinary styles.
  2. Commercial Refrigeration Solutions: Keep your ingredients fresh and your kitchen organised with our selection of high-performance refrigerators, freezers, prep benches, under-bench refrigeration, and salad bars. We only offer select brands to get Australia’s best prices, all are designed to meet the demanding standards and meet the expectations of professional chefs in professional kitchens.

Customer-Centric Service and Expert Guidance

At Kitchen setup, we go beyond the role of a typical sales. With a background in Interior design our knowledgeable and approachable staff are ready to assist you at every stage. Whether you seek advice on the right equipment for your needs or assistance in optimising your kitchen layout, we are committed to delivering personalised guidance with pressure to buy.

What we provide:

  1. Competitive Pricing: Recognising the challenges businesses face, we strive to offer the most competitive prices in the industry without compromising on the quality of our products.
  2. Efficient Shipping Services: Receive your orders promptly with our swift and reliable shipping services. We work with a range of national freighters and local agents to ensure your kitchen is equipped with the supplies it needs as fast as possible. Many of our most popular products are stocked on depots around Australia – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth.
  3. Dedicated Customer Support: Have inquiries or require assistance during our bussiness hours or yours, we are on call after hours and weekends? Our team is just a phone call or email away, and understand and are happy address your concerns and offer expert advice when you need it.

Your Success is Our Priority

At Kitchen Setup, we don’t just provide commercial cooking equipment and refrigeration solutions – we contribute to your success. Whether you’re a chef, restaurant owner, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals by offering the tools and expertise necessary. Explore our online shop today and discover the quality and commitment we can make in your kitchen.

At Kitchen Setup we are proud to have the ability to give our customers not just the cheapest prices, as interior designers we’re not just sales. We provide an honest professional service on every commercial fridge or kitchen appliance we supply. We understand the problems and ongoing costs that can occur when you’re unwittingly sold poor quality commercial refrigeration or catering equipment. We only supply equipment from the select brands we are proud to have in our range. They all represent great quality and value for money and have outstanding warranties. This not only gives you the best commercial appliances but we get the best margins from our trusted manufacturers so can pass bigger savings on to our clients. Our range of commercial appliances from global leaders is specifically chosen to be best in its class and will meet a range of price-points from the most affordable budget-conscience to the most premium commercial appliances, either way you’ll get a truly professional kitchen setup you can rely on. Get the cheapest prices in Australia on all our commercial equipment without hassle, just ask us for a price.

Unadvertised Discounts On Every Commercial Fridge & Cooking Appliance

We can only advertise sale prices on select commercial catering appliances each month, but ask us for a quote on anything on our website and we’ll get you the best discount available upfront. You’ll have less hassles trying to find other lower prices and you’ll still save more. It’s our job to make sure our customers setup costs come first and ensure they get the best value commercial refrigeration & catering equipment for their restaurant, cafe, supermarket, pub or nightclub at the lowest price.

Keep reading, we just keep getting better.

If on the odd occasion we don’t supply the specific catering equipment you require, with professional interior designers in our team we can source the commercial appliance needed from other manufacturers or suppliers often for less than you could dealing alone. To save you even more we can affordably design and supply everything needed for your front-of-house setup. Basic floor plans or photo realistic 3D renders for accurate construction. Commercial use hospitality tables, chairs, flooring, lighting or ventilation. We have trusted manufacturers and suppliers in a wide range of interior design hospitality industries that we can supply or recommend at no extra cost. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options and endeavour to make your day!

Choose The Best Upright Commercial Fridge

Commercial upright fridges are essential appliances in the hospitality industry and are designed to provide efficient and organised refrigeration solutions for small cafes, restaurants, and even large foodservice establishments. Upright refrigerators offer vertical cold storage which optimises floor space and provides easy access to a wide range of perishable ingredients. The exterior of commercial fridges is often constructed from stainless steel which provides not just a good-looking kitchen with a sleek appearance if using 304 grade stainless steel they are designed to be more resist to corrosion which is important in restaurants that often have higher humidity and water splashed around during the end of night clean-up. Good quality construction not only ensures a professional aesthetic but also contributes to the longevity of the appliance in the demanding environments of commercial kitchens.

One of the primary advantages of commercial upright fridges is their capacity to store large quantities of ingredients which minimises the need for supplier reordering and restocking. The vertical design allows for multiple shelves which are usually made from heavy-duty wire that allows for maximum air flow and less mess, making it easy to organise and store different types of food items. Proper organisation is crucial for knowing and maintaining the freshness of produce, meats, and other perishables, as it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and streamlines inventory management.

A good quality temperature control unit of a commercial fridge is paramount for preserving the quality and safety of stored items. Upright fridges should come equipped with precise (preferably European manufactured) digital controls. The world leaders in temperature displays come from manufacturers such as Dixell or Carel and are often a safe bet they will be reliable. An easy-to-use control allows kitchen staff and chefs to monitor and adjust the internal temperatures according to specific storage requirements, ensuring that different ingredients are kept at their optimal conditions.

In addition to temperature controls to keep thing cold, upright fridges should be manufactured with quality insulation to enhance energy efficiency. As insulation is never seen, it’s often overlooked when considering a purchase. Insulation is one of the things that separates an efficient unit from a poor one. Insulation not only keeps things cold, it contributes to cost savings and also importantly aligns with environmental sustainability efforts. It will reduce the workload on the entire refrigeration system, compressors and fans. Promoting a longer lifespan for the appliance and reducing running costs.

Commercial upright fridges should be versatile in accommodating various food items, from fresh fruit, veg, meat and dairy to prepped ingredients and ready-to-use sauces. The accessibility and space saving provided by the vertical design ensures that chefs and kitchen staff can quickly locate and retrieve items during busy service hours, without having to raid the coolroom which further contributes to the overall efficiency of restaurant operations.

Maintenance and cleaning ease should also be a key consideration in the design of upright fridges. Top-mounted compressors make regular cleaning easier than bottom-mounted units and don’t require the fridge to be laid on the floor to do so. Ideally, compressors and the condensing coil should be given a quick clean in the kitchen’s monthly maintenance schedule so top-mounted unit make this easier and more likely to be done. Apart form having easily removable wire shelves, an easy-to-clean interior can be identified by having rounded edges and rounded corners. They make wiping out easier, simplify the cleaning process and encourage staff to keep a hygienic storage environment. The construction materials should be selected not only for their durability but also for their resistance to stains and odours, 304 stainless steel is great for this reason and further enhances the fridge’s suitability for commercial and restaurant settings.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your commercial refrigeration be sure to take into consideration durable construction, precise temperature control, quality insulation and the organisational features which make all the difference between the good and the bad. All are equally valuable for preserving the freshness of ingredients, optimising kitchen workflow and minimising ongoing running costs. No matter the brand, sticking to a maintenance schedule by regularly cleaning the compressor coil with a quick brush down will allow the unit to run its best and most efficient and help prevent unexpected faults or downtime. A good upright fridge should not only meet the technical requirements of refrigeration but also align with the efficiency and hygiene standards necessary for the demands of the hospitality industry.

Contact Kitchen Setup for more info about our great range and get the best unit for your space and budget. For quality and value, Kitchen Setup supplies some of the best brands that have a proven dedication to quality and functionality that characterises these units. We’re proud to be able to offer the best discounts in the industry on the select brands we supply and to pass savings on to our customers. Contact us first or contact us last, we’re confident you’ll still get the best price from Kitchen Setup.

Kitchen Setup supplies the hospitality industry Australia-wide from stocked depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Atosa Commercial Fridge Single YBF9206
Commercial Fridge
3 Door Commercial Fridge MBF8006
Double Commercial Glass Door Fridge

Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers are indispensable pieces of equipment in the foodservice industry that very few restaurants or fast-food chains can operate without. These powerful appliances are designed to efficiently and consistently cook a wide variety of foods and are most popularly used for chips, french fries, chicken wings, and seafood. One of the big advantages of a good quality commercial deep fryers is their efficiency in rapidly cooking large quantities of food. Recovery time is particularly crucial in fast-paced kitchen environments where timely speed preparation is essential for meeting customer demand during peak hours. The high temperatures of the oil, typically range from around 170 to 220 degrees Celsius.

Commercial deep fryers come in various configurations, including countertop models and floor-standing models, either with single, double or even triple pot configurations. Choosing the size and capacity that best suits a restaurants need is an important decision and every establishment has its own requirements. The countertop models are ideal for smaller kitchens with limited space or a limited menu for fried foods, while floor-standing units are capable of handling larger volumes of food, making them suitable for high-capacity operations.

The ability to maintain a known, stable cooking temperature is essential for chefs who need to achieve the desired texture and also color of their fried foods. A quailty commercial fryer will be equipped with a thermostatic control that allows precise regulation of the oil temperature and can be adjusted depending on the items being cooked to ensure consistent results for every dish. 

Constructed with durability in mind, commercial deep fryers typically feature stainless steel exteriors that are resistant to corrosion and importantly make them easy to clean. The number of fry baskets used for submersion and retrieval of food from the hot oil should also be a consideration when choosing the ideal unit. While some only use a single basket others, even those with a single pot may include two or three baskets which allows busy restaurants to keep up with multiple orders at the same time. The oil pots should be designed for easy draining and easy cleaning which not only promotes the longevity of the equipment it maintains the quality of the fried product.

Maintenance and oil management are critical aspects of operating a commercial deep fryer. Regular filtration and oil-changing practices are essential to extend the life of the oil and ensure the quality of the product. Some advanced fryers come with built-in filtration systems that simplify the process and contribute to cost savings by reducing the frequency of oil replacement but they do come with a higher intial cost.

Commercial deep fryers are fundamental tools in the hospitality industry and enable the efficient preparation of a wide variety of fried foods. With versatility in their ability to cook a range of foods commercial deep fryers can be used to prepare more delicate items like desserts so restaurants may be able to offer doughnuts, churros, and even deep-fried ice cream on their menu. Their speed, precision, and versatility make them invaluable in the fast-paced environment of commercial kitchens. From small countertop models to large floor-standing units. Kitchen Setup supplies only the best value fryers which are tailored to meet the specific needs of different establishments and budgets.

Commercial Fryer 2 basket Cookrite
Cookrite Commercial Shop Fryer ATFS75
Electric Deep Fryer Commercial Melbourne
Benchtop restaurant fryer AT65G4F
Electric Doughnut Fryer

Cake Display Showcase Fridges

Cake showcases are more than just refrigeration units; they should be looked at as one of the key elements in the success of bakeries and cafes. Their ability to preserve, display, and market delicate items make them invaluable assets for businesses that prioritise both the visual and culinary aspects of their offerings. They should not only meet the technical requirements of refrigeration but also serve as powerful tools for attracting customers and showcasing the best your business has to offer and are indispensable assets in the world of bakeries and cafes. These specialised refrigeration units are designed to not only preserve the freshness of delicate cakes, pastries, and desserts but also aid to beautifully showcase creations in the most appealling way possible. A good showcase shoud have clear transparent glass on all sides and well-lit interior to create an inviting stylish visual presentation that entices customers into more sales for the business. They can be one of the most essential components of the overall aesthetic appeal of the entire bakery or cafe. There is good reason some bakeries have and old school feel and some have a more sophisticated appeal, it often comes down to how they choose to present their goods and the style of the display they use.

While there are many different brands that manufacure cake fridges you will often find it hard to discern the differences between them on looks alone. Quality showcase fridges are one of the things you should never skimp on. They should be crafted with reliability and precision as a top priority. Qualty units will use proven trusted components like Embraco compressors, EDM fans and high quality materials such as double glazed (heated) tempered glass and 304 stainless steel finishes. It should be a vital consideration to businesses that relies on them as a major part of their income and they should never buy on the initial price consideration just because it’s cheaper and it looks similar to another brand. Don’t make your business one who reaslises too late that poor quality ends up costing the business much more in the long run, not just in lost goods but also lost sales and business reputation. A quality unit built with quality components helps to ensure there is no downtime or spoilage of the often expensive and time-consuming production of dessert establishments. A quality unit should also feature adjustable temperature gradients, adjustable shelves and internal lighting systems for each shelf so goods can be arranged in a unique eye-catching and appealing manner. The temperature control in cake fridges should be able to be finely tuned to minimise any compromise in the flavor or texture of the product and ensure that cakes remain at the ideal temperature for both preservation and presentation.

Curved Glass or Flat Glass

When it comes to choosing between curved glass and flat glass (square) cake displays there are some considerations and compromises for each style that should be realised. Curved glass units have shelves of different depths which are offset as the display extends up. This makes it great for visual inspection as cakes can be more easily viewed without the shelf above obscuring goods at the rear. The compromise is you will not be able to showcase quite as many goods. Square glass units have the same depth shelf on each level which is great for maximum holding space in high turnover establishments. From an interior design perspective square glass units are considered to be a more minimalist design and so are often the preferred choice as they always look great and even allow for other stock or accessories to be stored on top of the unit.

In a bakery setting the visual appeal of cakes is often as important as their taste. A good showcase fridge acts as a marketing tool to which customers are drawn and encouraged to make a purchase. A good display of cakes allows customers to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry. They should not just be considered as a piece of functional equipment but businesses should also realise how important a good-looking display contributes to the ambiance and branding to the entire establishment.

On another level showcase fridges play a practical role in inventory management. With a clear view of available cakes, staff can easily monitor stock levels to plan for ordering and restocking, ensuring that there is a consistent choice for customers to choose from. The refrigeration quality aspect of these units is crucial for extending the shelf life and maintaining product freshness and preserving the goods to the highest quality that customers expect.

In cafes, where a selection of cakes and pastries complements the coffee and beverage offerings, showcase fridges enhance the overall customer experience. The aesthetic appeal of a well-arranged display encourages more impulse purchases while waiting for their order.

Cake Fridge Display Showcases
Large cake fridge Showcase
Cake Display Fridge
Atosa Round Glass Cake Fridge
Atosa Countertop Cake Showcase TF160L

View Kitchen Setup’s most popular cake showcase fridge units listed below.

Large 4 Tier CurvedAtosa Curved Cake Display Fridge W1700mm – DF177D

Large 4 Tier Square – Cake Fridge Showcase 1700 – WDF177Z

Benchtop CurvedCountertop Showcase Display Fridge 900mm – TY130L

Benchtop Square – Atosa Countertop Cake Showcase Fridge 900mm TF160L


View all Cake Showcase Display Fridges Here

Commercial Prep Fridges

Pizza Prep & Sandwich Prep Refrigeration Benches

Prep fridges, also known as prep benches or refrigerated preparation tables can play an important role in restaurant kitchens to enhance efficiency, promote good hygiene, and improve overall functionality and workflow efficiency. These specialised pieces of equipment are designed to streamline food preparation so chefs and kitchen staff can minimise the workload demands in an already demanding and busy restaurant environment.

Prep fridges play a particularly crucial role in the specialised realms of pizza, kebab and sandwich preparation. In the context of pizza preparation, these fridges are often equipped with heavy-duty marble and granite benches and have dedicated salad bar space for ingredients like cheese, sauce, vegetables, and meats. The design of these tables allows pizzerias to keep all their toppings within arm’s reach, which is vital for facilitating a swift and efficient pizza assembly process. The refrigeration aspect is vital for preserving the freshness of these ingredients, ensuring that the final product is not only delicious but also meets stringent food safety standards.

Similarly, when it comes to sandwich preparation, prep fridges provide an organised and accessible workspace for assembling a variety of sandwiches. Deli or sandwich prep tables are often designed with smaller prep areas than pizza preps while still holding salad bar compartments for different types of meats, cheeses, condiments, and vegetables and ensure that perishable items remain at optimal temperatures, reducing the risk of spoilage and contamination. The proximity of ingredients within the prep fridge improves ease of use so staff spend less time traveling through the kitchen to replenish items as they are needed, allowing chefs to meet customer orders promptly even during peak hours.

While the basic concept of using prep fridges for both pizza and sandwich preparation remains similar, the differences lie in the specific needs of each culinary domain. Pizza prep fridges often have wider bench space and bigger compartments required for pizza assembly. On the other hand, sandwich prep fridges may have a greater number of smaller GN pan compartments to accommodate the diverse array of condiments and toppings used in sandwich making. Understanding these nuances allows you to choose equipment that best aligns with the specific requirements of your menu, ensuring that both pizza and sandwich preparation processes are optimised for efficiency and quality. In both cases, the dual functionality of these fridges as storage units and preparation benches proves invaluable in maintaining the efficient flow of operations in the fast-paced environment of a restaurant kitchen.


3 door commercial salad prep fridge
Pizza prep fridge dough

Key uses and benefits of prep fridges in restaurant kitchens:

  1. Temperature Control and Food Safety: Prep fridges are equipped with refrigeration systems that allow for precise temperature control. Maintaining the right temperature is essential for preserving the freshness and safety of perishable ingredients. By storing items like meats, dairy, and vegetables in a prep fridge, chefs can reduce the risk of bacterial growth and contamination.
  2. Organised Workstation: The layout of a prep fridge provides an organised and efficient workspace for chefs. Some prep friges come with inbuilt designated salad bar compartments and some allow for self-contained saladbar to be added on top of the bench to maximise usable space for prep or storing a few extra ingredients that don’t require refigeration. Ingredients can be stored separately, reducing the chances of cross-contamination where multiple dishes are prepared simultaneously.
  3. Time Efficiency: The convenience of having ingredients within arm’s reach can significantly reduce preparation time. Chefs can easily access and assemble ingredients without the need to constantly move between different storage areas. This time-saving feature is invaluable in meeting the demands of a high-volume restaurant, where efficiency is key.
  4. Extended Shelf Life: The refrigeration function of prep fridges help extend the shelf life of produce, allowing kitchens to stock up on fresh pre-prepped ingredients without worrying about spoilage. This can lead to a reduced more efficient workload and cost savings, as restaurants can prep ingredients in larger quantities to reduce the frequency of restocking especially during peak times.
  5. Customisation and Versatility: Prep fridges come in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the model that best fits your need. Some units have multiple fridge compartments, drawers, or a combination of both, providing flexibility in organising different types of ingredients. This versatility ensures that restaurants can tailor the prep station to suit thier available floor space and the specific requirements of their menu.
  6. Streamlined Workflow: In a well-designed kitchen, the placement of prep fridges is strategic to facilitate a smooth workflow. Many pizzarias use the prep fridge in front-of-house locations where the pizza-making process is in full view of the customers. You obviously do not want to give an impression of being disorganised or have customers watch staff struggling to make their orders. By having prep fridges close to the cooking station, chefs can easily transition from preparation to cooking, minimising the time it takes to bring a pizza to completion.
  7. Space Optimisation: Prep fridges are often designed to serve as both a storage unit and a preparation workbench. This dual functionality helps optimise kitchen space, especially in smaller establishments where every square inch counts. The countertop of the prep fridge can be used as an additional workspace, reducing the need for separate benches which wastes valuable space.
  8. Hygiene and Cleaning: Modern prep fridges are designed with easy-to-clean materials such as marble and stainless steel. Other features like removable drawers and shelves make it simple to clean and sanitize the unit regularly, ensuring a hygienic environment. This is essential for meeting Australia’s strict health and safety standards in the foodservice industry. Salad bars require ingedients to be covered in order for the temp to be held at a safe level. Some saladettes have lids that extend across the entire width of the unit so all pans can be reveled at the same time for ease of use. Others rely on each pan having its own individual lid so only selected ingredients need to be opened. An important decision when it comes to selecting the right unit and whether continuous use of the salad bar is required throughout your service times.

Prep fridges are indispensable tools in many restaurant kitchens not just pizza and sandwich bars. Kitchen Setup supplies a great range of Australia’s best-value units that cover almost every space and specific restaurant use. If you have any questions or wish to discuss what will be the best option for your kitchen please get in touch for helpful advice without obligation.


Pizza prep dough drawers EPF3480
2 Door Pizza Prep Table open lid
3 Door Pizza Prep
Prepbench fridge Atosa esl3853
Salad prep refrigerator

View Our most popular prep fridge units listed below.

Pizza PrepAtosa Marble Bench Pizza Prep Fridge + Dough Drawers – EPF3480

Large Sandwich PrepAtosa Sandwich Prep Fridge – MSF8304G

High Capacity SaladBar PrepSalad Prep Fridge – ESL3850

Benchtop Salad BarBenchTop Saladette


View all Prep Refrigeration Here

Atosa USA – Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution

Atosa USA – Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution

ATOSA USA – Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution

Atosa USA, Inc. recently unveiled its incredible Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution at the USA’s National Restaurant Association Show’s Kitchen Innovations Awards®. The coveted 2023 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award. allowed visitors to catch a glimpse of this cutting-edge technology which was on display in May at the McCormick Place show held in Chicago, IL.

Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution introduces what it refers to as a six-axis collaborative “co-bot” robot. This groundbreaking technology stores, cooks and monitors, shakes, dispenses, and holds hot stock which can be seamlessly adapted to both peak and non-peak hours so users don’t have to worry about over or understocking on their customer’s orders. With that said it also offers a unique manual operability which allows users to override automation and switch to manual modes when needed. The entire system is designed to effortlessly integrate with existing equipment and can even be linked to Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

The amazing setup is something that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. The full solution includes a freezer which is used as a hopper for stocking of the frozen chips, a range of multiple fryers with include their own built-in filtration, ventless hoods and a hot dumping station. For safety, it includes a rtrusted Ansul fire suppression system. The entire robotic solution is designed to occupy a minimal floor space of about three square meters, and the robotic arm boasts an impressive reach of around 1300mm.

While Atosa USA mentions their initial release focuses on the single-product dispensing fresh hot chips, they are hard a work developing the next-generation releases which indicate they are likely to introduce multiple automated robotic products to complement dispensing other common lines, and even incorporate them alongside auto-packing features.

The National Restaurant Association Show’s KI Awards in the USA were established in 2005, and are the Consumer Electronics Show equivalent for setting the standard in releasing the latest in foodservice technology and equipment. Their prestigious awards identify only the most innovative and technology-driven solutions in the industry and Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution aligns perfectly with the program’s commitment. Atosa deserves congratulations by simply being nominated for these awards, they are proving their commitment to pushing the boundaries of development and willingness to spend resources on amazing innovations in order to meet the evolving needs of the foodservice industry

Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution stands as a clear testament to this revolutionary company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the foodservice industry. As incredible as the innovation is, unfortunately, Australian customers will have to wait. Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution is planting it’s feet in US so it is not currently available in Australia, and we have not yet heard any discussion of its possible release date down under. While we and the global community eagerly anticipates its introduction, Australian markets will have to patiently await before we see this revolutionary technology start showing up in a kitchen near you… We’ll keep you updated.

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Atosa USA’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution

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